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Setcard-package by khap-LA!

For this special offer we work together with a very experienced team that knows exactly the requierements.

Getting you perfect printed setcards within 3 days after the shooting is the normal case.


Photo-shooting in our studio including make-up artist and 100 setcards
setcards DIN A5, 4c oneside,
300 g paper
group of 4 people:
249,-- Euro per Person
group of 3 people:
275,-- Euro per Person
group of 2 people:
325,-- Euro per Person
single person:
475,-- Euro
The prices include 16% MwSt. and are meant to be cash with order.

All people of a formed group avail themselves of a common date fixed before.

People staying away diminish the group and therefore increase the price.

Our general terms of business are valid: AGBs.
Here you see an example:

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Our tipp:
Ask your colleagues or friends to build a group and profit from better prices.
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